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A labyrinth is a pathway that assists people in centering themselves, finding balance and wholeness, and in connecting oneself to the spiritual or Divine.  It is an ancient tool that is found in a variety of cultures as early as 2500 BC.

The patterns used by these early civilizations are very similar.  They are all unicursal, that is they move forward by turning equally right and left creating multiple circuits that always lead to the center.  In its simple pattern, the labyrinth captures many aspects of life—journey, rhythm, search, discovery, change, trust and our movement inward to sacred space.

The labyrinth was adopted by Christianity as a means of prayer using movement and as a mini-pilgrimage commemorating and celebrating the mysteries of Christ’s life. It symbolized the true path to external life, a contemplative way of following Jesus who journeyed as we do through life and death to resurrection.


Our labyrinth is modeled after the one in Chartre, France.  From the outer circumference, there are 11 circuits or rings plus the center.  This equals 12, a number that signifies completeness or totality, being a multiple of 3 (God) and 4 (the earth with its 4 directions).  The center is a six-petal rose, a symbol of Mary.  Entering the center means entering the place where God comes into our world and our lives.  The rose symbolizes the Holy Spirit and the petals stand for the 6 days of creation.  The Chartre Labyrinth contains 10 labyrs—double axe-head shapes visible where the path makes a complete turn on itself.  These are symbols of creativity and power.  The placement of the labyrs was purposely designed to form a cross, a sign that the human journey is the Christ journey, filled with blessed surprised and painful meanderings.  It passes through death to a rebirth into new life.


Our portable indoor labyrinth is available for groups either at the Center or off-site.  Fee for one day use off-site is $30. There is no fee for use by groups meeting or staying at the Center.  The size is 24’ x 24’.  Be sure you have an indoor space large enough to accommodate the size of the labyrinth.  Pick up times are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. To reserve call 402.359.4288

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